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Making your dream workplace

We can renovate any business workspace, changing the work environment to your liking. To make your business run comfortably and efficiently.

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Our Services

  • Carpentry: Light framing, installation of cabinets, countertops, doors and fixtures.

  • Roof: Light roof shingle and tile repairs.

  • Flooring: Install tile, vinyl planking and carpet.

  • Paint: Drywall installation and repairs, tape, mud and textures. Full paint and refresh.

  • Window Coverings: Installation of blinds and shutters, and full window glass pane replacements.

  • Electrical: Install light fixtures, wall outlet and switches. Troubleshooting light electrical issues.

  • Plumbing: Install toilets, vanity & sinks, faucets, install complete water heaters systems.

  • Masonry/Fencing: Light block wall repairs. Full metal fence installations.

  • Landscape: Lawn and tree maintenance, sprinkler system repairs.

  • Concrete: Full concrete slab for driveways and walkways.

  • Cleaning: Complete trash-outs, and demolition.

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